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Combining a deep knowledge of movement with behavioural change is the key to supporting clients on their journey to health, fitness, mobility, and living an energized life.

As a personal trainer, you touch people’s lives every day. Working one on one with clients seeking a life change requires a lot of patience and dedication, and chances are you got into personal training in the first place to help change someone’s life. If you crave the chance to further take your job as a personal trainer to help your clients tackle health both inside and out, a career as a movement coach could be your next step.


Go Beyond Personal Training:
Become a PTA Movement Coach

Applying coaching principles to movement empowers clients to take control of their fitness and reduce injury for long-term exercise adherence. Clients who are coached in movement experience intrinsic motivation and learn to love the experience of exercise and movement, helping them to re-write their own fitness story.

As a PTA Movement Coach, you will coach a large variety of clients. You will come in contact with diverse individuals from different walks of life, encountering everything from business executives and professional athletes to plumbers and busy mums. Coaching the human being rather than just the human body requires a holistic, comprehensive approach, an approach that requires a unique skill set and knowledge base.

At PT Academy, we have curated a comprehensive program to help personal trainers interested in becoming PTA movement coaches make the journey. With PT Academy, you’ll expand your skills and learn to coach the human being inside the human body.

Why You Should Become a Movement Coach

Personal trainers help to create change for thousands of people all around the world. Gym owners and operators strive to create change for groups of eager members, with personal clients helping them stay motivated to stick with their healthy living plan. Another option is travelling the world to help vacation-goers with sore muscles in beautiful and exotic vacations; no matter where you work, your personal trainer’s work is important and influential.

If you enjoy the change you help create as a personal trainer and want to take a deeper, more holistic approach to working with your clients, becoming a movement coach may be the next step in your career. Movement coaches work with clients in much the same way as personal trainers, but with an added element of emotional, mental, and personalized focus.

By focusing on the human as a whole, rather than purely focusing on the body’s condition, you will improve your techniques and the results your clients see. Movement coaching can give you insights into creating personalized fitness programs for your clients, give you techniques to identify your clients’ limitations, teach you to help your clients recover more quickly and do exercises more safely, and so much more. As a movement trainer, you can help clients harness their minds to achieve their fitness goals, improve how your clients approach fitness and training, and help your clients to live more mobile, pain-free, and energized lives.

The Movement Coach Journey

Our unique and engaging pathway to PTA Movement Coach has been specially curated by our team of experienced and professional personal trainers and movement coaches. By taking on the journey and becoming a PTA Movement coach, you will change how you approach your work, how you see your clients, and how you see yourself.

PT Academy has been certifying some of Australia’s and the world’s best personal trainers for decades. It now is offering our students the chance to expand their skills and branch into a more holistic approach to health and fitness. When you sign up for our Movement Coach Program, you will receive:

  • Certificates III & IV in Fitness
  • Courses in Effective Movement Training
  • Courses in Exercise in Stress Management for Rapid Results
  • TRX – Suspension Training Course
  • Myofascial Foam Rolling Techniques

Integral to our program at PT Academy is our 5-phase approach. To become a PT Academy Qualified Movement Coach, you will complete five powerful phases, each designed to provide a new perspective and the skills required to coach movement effectively. By purchasing the Movement Coach Credential, you are given access to a suite of CEC courses you can complete on your schedule within 18 months.

Certificates III and IV

Certificate III in Fitness is a base-level qualification for gym floor instructors and small-group trainers. Certificate III from PT Academy will teach you everything you need to know about programming for individuals, small groups, and unique goals. With Certificate III training, you will be able to help clients achieve individual goals for weight loss, strength, conditioning, and endurance. If you do not already have Certificate III, the PTA Movement Coach program will help you get it under your belt.

Certificate IV in Fitness enables you to go from gym instructor to personal trainer. Certificate IV from PT Academy prepares you for the many challenges of working closely with clients and will help you improve upon the skills learned in Certificate III. With Certificate IV, you’ll be able to travel on cruise liners and to exotic locations as a professional personal trainer, help clients recover from injuries, improve upon your programming, and even collaborate with healthcare providers like nutritionists, chiropractors, etc. If you do not already have Certificate IV, the PTA Movement Coach program will help you get it under your belt.

Phase I: Effective Movement Training

Effective Movement Training Courses for Personal TrainersPersonal Training Academy’s exclusive Effective Movement Training is a comprehensive, web-based program design tool developed by global leaders in the fitness industry: Michol Dalcourt, Bobby Cappuccio, Ian O’Dwyer, Paul Taylor, Craig Harper and Oliver Scott.

EMT offers multiple pathways for exercise prescription and provides practical tools to assess and train the body using myofascial lines, making your approach to personal training simple, effective, different and fun. The EMT course also provides practical solutions to the key issue of client behaviour change. It gives you easy access to the video library containing all EMT exercises and theory and sample programs to assist your client session planning.

In Phase I, you will begin to explore the human mind. This phase will develop your understanding of how and why people change. A factor often forgotten in mainstream fitness is that we as fitness professionals are training not just a human body but a human being.

Phase II: TRX Suspension Training

The TRX Suspension Training tool is a versatile piece of training equipment designed by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. This portable fitness solution is designed to challenge trainers and clients at virtually any level and offers an almost infinite number of exercises, positions, and movements for anybody.

Phase II focuses on developing your ability to coach the seven major movement patterns. This phase utilizes the TRX Suspension Training method as a catalyst to build your skills and create better, more profound exercise techniques. The TRX Suspension Training workshop will also expand your knowledge of the equipment, educating you on the many exercises and the appropriate method of implementing them. The TRX Suspension Training workshop is a face to face learning experience.

Phase III: Myofascial Foam Rolling Techniques

Phase III is all about improving the quality of movement. This phase will help you to identify where a problem may be occurring and create change in your client’s body for them to move better during a session and recover faster after the session. Phase III will give you a comprehensive understanding of Trigger Point Performance and Myofascial Foam Rolling Techniques, which are vital for helping your clients to move more safely and recover more quickly.

The GRID Foam Rolling Techniques Course focuses on helping your clients improve mobility and muscle elasticity and create biometric performance improvements. Besides a working knowledge of Foam Rolling, Phase III will also provide you with the skills required to use and teach myofascial compression techniques. Learn to release fascia, reduce discomfort and inflammation, and use rollers to improve mobility and muscle elasticity.

Phase IV: Stress Management for Rapid Results

Not all bodies are created equal, and for better or for worse, exercise is something that should be personal. As a personal trainer and future Movement Coach, you want to help your clients experience the best, safest, most effective workout. Part of that is understanding the limitations of your clients’ bodies. This penultimate phase will develop your understanding of how much intensity your client can handle during that particular session.

Phase IV’s Exercise and Stress Management for Rapid Results workshop will delve deeply into the reasons for using certain techniques, the biomechanics behind the exercises you use, and a holistic method for identifying stress levels in clients from day to day. With an in-depth knowledge of Stress Management for Rapid Results, you’ll be able to help your clients create a sustainable exercise plan.

Phase V: Case Study

In the final phase of your PT Academy Movement Coach program, you will be assessed on your knowledge and what you have learned. You will use your newfound knowledge to create a movement-based program for your client. This program will be evaluated by our team of highly qualified movement coaches to see how well you have grasped the concepts taught to you and how well you would apply them in practice. Upon completion of your case study, you will be issued your Movement Coach Credential.

Why Choose PT Academy?

PT Academy is one of the world’s top and most respected personal trainer certification providers, now offering fitness qualification courses in more than 15 countries. Over the years, we have cultivated a deep and comprehensive knowledge of all things regarding fitness and fitness education. We have worked with some of the best and brightest in the world of exercise.

PT Academy cares about more than just churning out certifications. When you choose PT Academy for your fitness certifications and personal training certificates, you’ll get top-notch education delivered by friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated educators from the world of health and wellness. Once you complete courses with PT Academy, you are always welcome to come back and participate in the community. Many of our courses include access to PTA resources long after completing your course.

Central to our success at PT Academy is our many diverse and highly knowledgeable partners and collaborators. Contributors to our educational programs are active fitness community members, highly qualified and trained to teach safe, effective methods to students from diverse backgrounds. When you graduate from a PT Academy certification course, we want you to be career-ready. With our dedicated staff and comprehensive course material behind you, you’ll be well on your way to creating the fitness career of your dreams.

Along with our Movement Coach program, PT Academy also offers the following personal trainer certifications:

  • Certificate III in Fitness: Fitness Instructor, Gyms, Cruise Ships, Holistic Spas, etc.
  • Certificate IV in Fitness: Personal Training, Studio Owner, etc.
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness (Blended Course)
  • Certificate III & IV Prerequisite (career PT)

To help our students stay current with industry trends and techniques, PT Academy also offers several Continuing Education Credits. These courses are designed to help students discover new techniques, become more marketable, broaden their audience, and help them stay up to date with current industry standards and expectations. PT Academy offers the following CEC workshops:

  • Power Up: Personal Trainers Mentoring Program
  • Personalized Health and Movement Coach Immersive Program
  • Feel SOMA Immersion (level 1)
  • Powerful Presenting for Fitness Professionals
  • YBell Course
  • Effective Movement Training
What our graduates say

“As someone who has had the pleasure of completing both Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness with PTA, I can not speak highly enough of them. Personal Training Academy has created a fantastic culture, one I’m proud to be part of. They are by far the industry leaders in fitness education. Course facilitators are extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to ensure their students enter the industry as future leaders. Great work PTA, and thank you.”

Leigh Muir
Certificate 3+4 Graduate

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