So, you’re a fitness professional who is a passionate about what they do, but when it comes to presenting or promoting yourself on the business side of things, you find yourself a bit of a loss.



Enter Melony Dos Remedios. As a co-owner of PT Academy, a PT Global faculty member and with over 25 years in the industry, Melony is here to share her knowledge and empower you with the tools

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to connect you confidently with your clients. After developing and coaching thousands of personal trainers, Melony can assist you with reaching your potential when it comes to building rapport, engaging your audience and how to focus on delivering your information through powerful presenting.

You will learn to connect to your ideal client in a way that DRIVES sales.

  • Establish goals/desired outcomes of your presentation.
  • How your story connects you to your IDEAL client
  • Structure your content in an impactful way
  • Focus on the intention for authenticity and confidence.
  • Deliver presentation and submit for feedback
  • Create a “go to market” presentation to promote your business!


Online & Workshop
Duration2 Days
Regular PriceN/A$695N/A
Early BirdN/A$595N/A
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I recently worked with Melony on a speaker-training program. Her coaching took me from being a speaker who received average marks to being in the top 3 presentations for the whole conference. Melony is extremely effective at helping you shape and explore new ideas in your presentation while still allowing it to be all your own. I would highly recommend Melony to others and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Bronwen Zande, Soul Solutions

Nathan QuinnI was petrified at the thought of standing in front of a group… I thought I would look silly and make a fool out of myself!
I had been offered the position of a facilitator with PT Academy in Melbourne two years ago, so I signed up with Melony for coaching on how to improve my presentation skills.  2 years on and I am the senior lecturer for PT Academy! I have presented at the Fitness New Zealand Conference and many corporate presentations including the Johnson and Johnson Vitality conference in Sydney.
I could not be happier with the lessons I learned working with Melony.  We had a lot of fun! I was surprised by how quickly Melony’s techniques changed my appearance in front of people, my confidence and most of all the fact that talking in front of big groups at short notice is now a walk in the park.
When approached by students or audience members who are interested in getting into public speaking, I am proud to pass Melony’s details straight onto them.  Since working with Melony my career in the Fitness Industry has taken off.

Nathan Quinn, Health Education Specialist / Mindset & Performance Coach

Dr Kate LevettMy job as a clinical trials manager required me to make presentations at large international scientific conferences.  I was representing a large Australian university as a leader in the field in our research area.  However, there was no expertise in presentation skills or how to get our research across to the audience effectively.  I wanted to make a difference and make my research stand out because its implications were important.  It needed to be a little different from other scientific papers so as not to get lost in the mix.  I didn’t want it to be another ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation.

I have since won 4 awards based on the presentations skills taught to me: 1 as best new investigator, 2 for best presentation and 1 for a partial scholarship towards my Masters degree. Melony’s coaching has enabled me to secure funding for research and for completion of qualifications.

After using the skills and techniques that Melony taught me, my paper was so well received, it was the talk of the conference.  I have since won 4 awards based on the presentations skills taught to me: 1 as best new investigator, 2 for best presentation and 1 for a partial scholarship towards my Masters degree. Melony’s coaching has enabled me to secure funding for research and for completion of qualifications.

The coaching has saved me so much time, as I can now use the template for all presentations without having to reinvent the wheel every time.  New researchers also now come to me for assistance with their presentations.  It has saved our university a lot of time and money.

I can really enjoy my presentations now and can get across the important points without having to feel worried about the style of the presentation.  Having these skills has helped me to feel confident and relaxed each time I am asked to do a presentation.   The message is much more effective now.

Melony was so easy to work with.  She really took time to assess my natural style and worked with that rather than trying to get me to fit a style.  She was so personable and easy to work with.  I loved her enthusiasm and encouragement and easygoing nature.

My presentations are always a little different and stand out at scientific meetings.

It was a really fun experience, not daunting at all.  I really liked the feeling of growing confidence and quick gains made in a short period of time.  Her encouragement was really great.  People always want to discuss my research following my presentations at meetings.  It really draws people in.

The skills that Melony uses are suited just to the person she’s working with.  It’s really individual.  It was great to have someone bring out my natural abilities so that I always feel I can create something that reflects my work and me.  I can always put a little stamp of individuality on my presentations.

I think all people who are presenting to others need to have training in presentation skills.  You owe it to your audience to get the key findings or points across in the most effective way.  A lot of people let their lack of presentation skills get in the way of presenting their research.

Dr. Kate Levett, University of Western Sydney