Power Up Personal Trainer Mentoring

As a new PT or a COACH who is looking to GROW your business and boost your confidence having support from experts who CARE and who are skilled as well as connecting with other PTs is essential for kicking goals.
After certifying thousands of PTs for over 10 years we know the challenges PTs experience once they get into the industry.




What You’ll Learn

  1. Technical Skills – (First Sessions that Convert, Programming for Results)
  2. Business Skills – (Powered UP Marketing, Selling without the PUSH)
  3. Personal Development – (Activate Your Vision and Goals, PT Confidence Hack)

What includes:

FitRec Level B

  • A unique Talent Dynamics profile assessment – Learn your unique talents and gifts to leverage your business
  • A 12 month membership to PT on the Net – Receive access to the worlds largest resource centre for PT’s, Coaches and fitness professionals
  • A 12-week Power UP phase – Focuses on the three key aspects that create meaningful action in your business, including:
    • 6 x Group Power Up Webinars – on key areas including Personal Development, Business and Technical skills
    • 6 x One on One GROW Coaching – Break through any barriers to reach your goals with a one on one GROW coaching from industry experts
  • 9 x Advanced Webinars – Dive deep into topics that get to the core of change
  • 9 x Advanced Group Coaching sessions – Continue to receive high quality coaching and also connect with like-minded PTs who share your passion for growth and development

Transform your career and life learning from the best Fitness Pro Coaches from all around the world!

Dom dos Remedios

Dom dos Remedios

Coach / Owner PT Academy

Dom is a fitness industry innovator, connector and lover of functional movement in whatever form it takes. He has over 20 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer, Coach, Senior Executive and owner and director of The Personal Training Academy.
His unique combination of leadership and grass roots knowledge allows him to drive powerful change and growth in individuals and businesses.

Melony dos Remedios

Melony dos Remedios

Coach / CEO PT Academy

Mel is an AUS-MERICAN Speaker, Blogger and Coach who is passionate about continual improvement!  Her experience as a Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Professional Fitness Competitor, Improv Actor and Business Owner give her a truly unique approach to coaching.

Vanessa Leone

Vanessa Leone

Master Coach

A passionate and intensely driven movement therapist and PTA Global Faculty member. Vanessa is a firm advocate for continued education and training, not only for herself but for the whole health and wellness industry. She works closely with one-on-one clients and small group training, and also mentors personal trainers.

Nathan Flynn

Master Coach

Nathan routinely work with local sporting clubs and athletes to help improve movement quality, and overcome outdated approaches to fitness that are dominant in the sporting club culture. He is a current facilitator for Personal Training Academy (PTA) for Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, and also a presenter and co-author of a Myofascial Release course for Personal Trainers. Nathan have mentored hundreds of PTs, and currently run group and individualised mentoring programs.

Andrew “Chaddy” Chadwick

Coach / Trainer PT Academy

Andrew is a movement and well-being evangelist who travels the globe sharing his knowledge with Personal Trainers, Coaches and businesses. He knowledge across programming and tools has made him a sought-after content creator and speaker.
He is a PTA Global Faculty Member and Senior Master Instructor across several innovative fitness tools including TRX, YBell, AUSFIT Torsion Bar and Trigger Point Performance.

Spresa Vella

Spresa Vella

Sales Specialist/ Business Coach

Spresa is a Member Engagement specialist. Working across the globe with the Health and Fitness Industry to eliminate the epidemic of poor member retention, develop PT’s ability to sell, increase sales front the front line and grow successful businesses.

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