One of the most vital keys to life, your Mental Toughness and getting what you want is being assertive.

From one extreme to the other; the lowest form of assertive is to be intensely shy and the other extreme is to be aggressive. I wonder who the winner is in the bigger scheme of life?

Where I believe we should start and need to recognise that ‘assertive’ is our voice behind our belly button, it’s where our intuition begins. It’s about our safety and where we want to go. It creates our journey of experiences towards our end game. It will be the single biggest item that you will need to trust yourself. How will your intuition be related to others so that they know what this is telling you?

As you begin your life’s travels and think about your potential and purpose. It takes a simple task of listening to the voice behind the belly button, it’s where you reach into the deepest part of yourself, your instincts, how you were conditioned as a person and trust these private thoughts of what you want. This won’t discuss with you what you need it discusses what you want. Some of us don’t know how to trust this and some of us do.

This is a private communication tool for your self and only you know how to handle this.

To listen to this private communication tool, your job is to make sure you have the right ingredients. Some of these ingredients are letting other people know who you are, your directness, your humility, your determination and many more traits.

When you do your life plan and build how to reach your potential please listen to your voice behind your belly button. Be assertive.

PT Academy Comments – For Personal Trainers who tend to be “helpers” or “pleasers” learning to be assertive is a gift for themselves as well as their clients.

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Guest Blogger – Richard Payne

Richard’s success as an executive business coach, high-level mentor and Mental Toughness Advisor stems from his absolute passion for supporting people and understanding the key insights needed to achieve their hopes and dreams. 

Richard leads the way in this new field of Mental Toughness development by researching new methodologies, attaining the key results you want. 

Never too old to learn, at the age of fifty-five Richard swam the English Channel from a completely non-swimming background and for 3 years after this achievement held the record of oldest Australian male to accomplish this great feat.  It took him 22 hours, 45 minutes and 17 seconds and his dedication and persistence certainly came to the fore.

A continuous improvement master Richard has now created The Knight Owl offering Mental Toughness diagnostics, coaching and workshops that enable you to find your next level.

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