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I would like to invite you to a course that will change the way you train your clients and how you train yourself.

May I ask you a question?

Have you ever not gotten results with a client, knew there was more you could have done…. but did not know what it was?

Maybe it was because the client was stressed or needed more guidance in nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Maybe you did not think that was something you could do?

My name is Donal Carr. I’m a CHEK faculty member and would like to share with you a few tips and experiences as a PT and now CHEK Level 4 Practitioner with over 23 years of experience in the fitness industry.

I asked you the question above because about 8 years in to my career as a PT I started to ask myself these type of questions.  I found I just wasn’t doing enough to help my clients navigate the modern world and all the ‘stress traps’ our clients fall into.

I did find a few fitness professionals who were consistently getting results with clients and they were doing quite a few things I was unfamiliar with. When I asked them ‘hey, where did you learn how to do that?’ they all said ‘Paul Chek’.

paul chek

 So: I found out about Paul and started my CHEK Journey.

As everyone does, I first did Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1; it changed my life, my extended family’s lives and then I started to really be able to help my clients change their lives. To date it has had the biggest impact on the results I get with my clients.

I learned how stress and lifestyle factors can make or break your program design and will dictate whether your client will be healthy enough to do your program and get the goals achieved.

I found out how to assess stress and design nutritional and lifestyle plans that a client could actually adhere to.


Paul’s course taught me great stress management techniques that helped balance out my client’s hormones, reduce their inflammation and restore their energy, but what was more surprising was that their overall health and wellbeing of the clients got so much better – and that gave me a whole new level of job satisfaction. I also attracted a whole new type of client that I would never have worked with before! I knew Paul had something special here and I wanted to help him share it with the rest of the world.

Join me in Melbourne on March 28th – 30th where I will be running this exciting three day course at Personal Training Academy.

Find out more about the course at or book by ringing PT Academy on 1300 556 540 or emailing [email protected]

I look forward to seeing you at this life changing course.

Here is what other participants have said about HLC 1:

“My experience – incredibly illuminating and also practical in its application. Donal Carr is a wealth of information and an inspiration as a fitness and health professional. Thank you Paul Chek and Place of CHI for sharing such important information. The world needs more of this!”

Chris Buchanan

“I was totally inspired by Donal and the content of HLC 1 Course.  I can not wait to do Level 2.  Thank you for giving me a life changing experience!”

Tanya Smith

“Outstanding course.  Relaxed, fun and very informative learning environment created.  Will return for further study and recommend to others”

Michael McSevney




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