When you’re a personal trainer, every day is an adventure! Your job revolves around being adaptable, knowledgeable, and creative. While the bread and butter of a personal trainer’s job may be showcasing adaptive fitness exercises and techniques, there’s also room for a whole host of other income streams.

Before we start, it’s worth pointing out that some of these options have the potential to become a true career. Many side gigs in the fitness industry revolve around crafting meaningful experiences with clients, which can translate to a career change. However, others are simply ways to meet new people and earn a bit of pocket money. What you choose to do is up to you and your lifestyle!

Spread the Love & Sell Courses

One of the most common ways to add to your revenue is to sell fitness courses. These may be as simple or intense as you want and can cover any topic. You also have options when it comes to hosting these courses. There are ways to have live classes, or you can opt to record sessions for people to use at any time.

When it comes to publishing, there are a variety of pre-existing websites you can use to host your courses. Some of the most popular hosting platforms for fitness instructors are Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare. For live events, you can always utilize tried-and-true chat sites such as Zoom.

The perks of selling courses include:

  • A potentially global audience (depending on platform)
  • Boosted recognition
  • Greater availability (depending on platform)
  • Increased motivational potential
  • Steady income (depending on platform)
  • Wider reach

Workshop It

In addition to hosting classes, personal trainers can indulge their clients—old and new—with live workshops and seminars! Depending on your preferences, these can be in-person or online. Like classes, these activities are great for introducing people to new ways to get moving. Unlike classes, however, these one-off events only last for a day, allowing everyone to get a quick feel of whether or not they like the idea.

The perks of running workshops and seminars include:

  • Additional ways to reach out to clients
  • Interactivity with clients
  • Opportunities to get to know new clients

Go Virtual

While seminars, workshops, and classes are great ways to earn money, you may be getting in over your head if you jump straight to hosting these services alone. If you haven’t already started the process of setting up an online presence, then there’s no time like the present to get moving!

Establish yourself on the major social media platforms. TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all stuffed with people looking for some motivation and guidance. You can be that driving force.

However, this step won’t bring money in on its own. Rather, it’s a stepping stone to bigger goals. Nonetheless, you can springboard off of your online presence to promote the products and services you believe in.

The perks of having an online presence include:

  • Increased exposure
  • Potential for a global audience
  • Wider recognition

Be a Referee

If you’re big on sports, then another option for additional income is the path of a freelance referee. There are many clubs and minor leagues looking for someone to referee their games, and some positions will pay for it! Outside of these paid positions, there are also opportunities to give back by volunteering as a referee.

Of course, this option likely won’t bring in as much money as some of the others. A referee doesn’t tend to be a consistent position, and individuals outside of the professional sphere don’t make a great deal per game. Nonetheless, as a means of meeting clients and serving your local folks, there’s nothing like overseeing a fun, friendly game.

Perks of serving as a referee include:

  • Chances to meet new clients
  • Community recognition
  • Personal enrichment
  • Potential pay

Start a Coaching Gig

Both in-person gyms and virtual platforms need coaches. While this option may not be as easily accessed as some of the others, a consistent coaching gig is a great way to bring in stable money. Moreover, as a regular coach (particularly online), you gain a great deal of recognition, which may just lead to more clients!

The perks of becoming a coach include:

  • Additional exposure
  • Potential to meet new clients
  • Steady income

Expand Your Horizons

No matter what you do, you should never stop learning! Whether you’re just starting out as a personal trainer or you’ve been around the block a few times, PT Academy is here to help! Our continuing education courses are tailored to provide you with the tools you need to teach new skills and activities. We also offer special classes to boost your personal training potential.

If you want to really amp up your career as a personal trainer, then join us! PT Academy is always open and ready to help you with your career goals.

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