I had the fortunate experience traveling to beautiful Adelaide, South Australia, for a Trigger Point Therapy course on the 30th of September. One of the participants is a Personal Trainer in a small rural community about 3 hours drive away.

She has suffered from pain and movement issues for a fair while now (you’ll see how in her story below) and after spending the day learning how to “unlock” her body using Trigger Point Therapy equipment and Self Myofascial Release Techniques, she has had her best nights sleep in ages. I reckon we can all appreciate how important good sleep is for the human condition. Below is an excerpt from the email she sent me first thing the morning after the course.

u6 kit

I know its early but I wanted to tell you that last night was the first time in maybe a couple years that I haven’t been woken up (and I mean at least 3-4 times) by tightness/pulling through my left hip area. I’ve woken up this morning and can actually move.

The drive home was interesting- I started feeling quite tired about 35 minutes into the trip so got out at a servo to freshen up. When I got back to the car I started to feel very strange- dizzy, disoriented quite unwell actually so much so that I had to stay there for a bit until I felt it safe to drive. I guess its a bit like after having a deep tissue or sports massage but on steroids. LOL! Anyway, got home ok just took longer than the usual 3+ hours. Must have had a lot of gunge in the body that got released as well as the fascia hey!

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Feeling good this morning and keen to try out my new toys!

Again, many thanks for a great day. Please make sure I’m on the mailing list for any other courses you bring to Adelaide – the last 2 I have done with Personal Training Academy (TRX and yesterday) have been worth every cent and the long drive!

I love facilitating these courses and helping Coaches and Trainers to empower not only themselves, but their clients to move and feel well.

Enjoy movement!


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