Shannan Ponton will be sharing regular insights with Personal Training Academy into developing his career as a personal trainer and fitness advocate.  Be sure to post any questions you’d like to ask Shannan in the comments below.

PTA:  What are the most common mistakes you’ve seen trainers make with clients?

Shannan Ponton:  Not having the courage or confidence to hold their clients accountable and honest.  Your client hasn’t put 2kg of muscle on in a week, especially if they’re female!

Get freaking real and address your clients eating habits. Either they’re not doing what you told them, you need more education or a different career!

Sorry to sound harsh but it’s unacceptable for trainers to continue to discredit the profession with the “You’ve put on muscle” crap!

Fact check!

If I specified my training and nutrition to maximize hypertrophy I would be lucky to increase a females lean muscle mass by 2-3 kg / year, drug free of course!

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