You to be unique in your services as well your targeted advertisements!

Lesson #2 established the importance of being known for your skills, Lesson #3 determined the significance of understanding your target market and Lesson #4 recognised the need to target your clients. Finally, Lesson #5 involves you being creative!

Business may seem black and white to most; making the right investments in terms of effort, money and time in order to generate maximum profit. However, there are more than just shades of grey. The most successful people in life have learned how to become unique and exciting in order to catch the eye of their customers.

This mainly involves knowing what you want rather than knowing how to do everything! Today, sites such as Freelancer and Fiverr allow you to outsource your advertising methods to experts in the field. What if you want to design a t-shirt with your business’s brand on it for all of your clients? Instead of wasting time designing the t-shirt, use the available services online to get a professional, quick and efficient result. You need to weigh up the opportunity cost of spending time in areas you are not equipped in compared to hiring cost effective external solutions. Imagine you earn $45 per hour for a one-on-one session and it will take you two hours to design a t-shirt with a sub-par result. You might as well spend those valuable two hours training clients and spend the $90 getting a professional to design the t-shirt.

For offline advertising methods such as t-shirts, posters, flyers and business cards it may be better to invest the money in unique, engaging and consistent designs which will set you apart from others in the industry.

Advertising your business online via social media is the best free way to increase brand exposure, build a social community with existing clients and showcase your business. Use social media to excite your clientele and create involvement with your brand. However, be careful with social media in terms of choosing your social channels. There are so many options available including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. You do not want to dilute your message or social community by having followers fragmented across these platforms. Once again, choosing the right social media platform comes down to knowing and understanding your target market and what platforms they are engaged with.

Another great way to gain exposure for your business online is by listing on public directories or service sites. OneFitStop’s directory will give you the ability to be listed under fitness categories aligned to your business. OneFitStop also provides you with tools to create a customized business profile page. Service sites such as OneFlare or ServiceSeeking and other generic directories such as TrueLocal or WhitePages are always great ways to advertise your business online.

Finally, never stop trying to learn from existing advertising methods. Constantly put yourself in the shoes of your clients and ask yourself: what unique selling point, advertising medium, location and time would entice potential clients to choose your business over others?

Exercise: Take 10 minutes and get creative! Try and think of new channels to advertise your fitness business. Choose 1 or 2 and test them out over the next few weeks. If it seems to be effective, stick to it. Otherwise, try something else. Eventually you’re bound to find great methods of generating exposure!