Imagine starting your day writing for your favourite publication followed by a bit of lunch, a workout then some more writing and getting handsomely paid to do it. This all sounds great but you may be lacking the confidence you need to take the first step. It’s perfectly natural to have a little self-doubt. In fact, it’s almost a prerequisite for the aspiring writer, as it will help you improve.

As a former fitness editor and now fitness and nutrition advisor for Men’s Health UK and Australia, I know it’s a career that’s entirely possible. That’s why I teamed up with PTA and created Write Fit. This course will teach you how to embrace the lifestyle of your dreams. Even if you don’t want to write fulltime, a moment will come where you need to create content that engages with your clients in your blogs, emails and on your website.

So you have a few more questions.

1. How will you know if your articles are any good?

You’ll learn the vital criteria for successful articles set out in a step-by-step process. You can then post your articles on the forums so that fully trained writing moderators and fellow students to evaluate and help you improve. 

2.How will you get started? 

This course gives you a multitude of strategies for developing unique ideas that can be turned into fully formed feature articles. You simply follow the student tasks that will guide you through the every element of becoming a writer. These are steps that you will be able to use throughout your career. 

3. How much money will you make as a writer? 

Initially, you may have to prove your worth, getting a few articles published to show editors that you have the skills. Once you have some experience you can earn 70 -80c per word. So two A4 pages that are approximately 1000 words, translates into about $800. This will take the average writer about two hours to put together. Obviously, the better your ideas the more money you’ll make and the more exposure your businesses will receive. 

4. Is there enough demand?

Though video content is growing, the written word will never die. It’s the fastest way to absorb information because you don’t have to account for any pauses in the spoken word. Reuters recently reported that there are now 2.1 billion people in the world, these are people who desperately need your attention and you cannot reach them on a one-to-one basis. So demand is peaking. What’s more, as soon as you get published in one magazine you will often get approached to write other articles. It’s a snowball effect as more commissioning editors start to read your work and approach you. 

5. What will you write about?

The course coaches you through the framework you need to develop concepts, formats and fresh ideas. There is never a lack of subject matter, you just have to look at things from a new angle and this course will help open your eyes to the opportunities around you.

6. Will I get bored writing?

Writers are never bored – there is always something new to write about. If it’s not fitness then it could be health or a great diet you’ve invented or you could rake in the millions by penning the next best selling Harry Potter novel. Even if you’re writing about the same thing, you can always give it a totally new treatment to freshen it up. It’s a creative outlet and all you need is a willingness to find enjoyment in writing and you’ll always be flush with ideas. 

7. Is it a bit risky to throw your all into this?

That’s the beauty of writing, you can still stick to your day job and write in your spare time. You don’t have to give up anything because you’re learning a new skill that you can do anywhere. Riding on the train to work doesn’t have to involve reading something. Instead, you can create something. If it doesn’t work, then you’ll still have the skills to enjoy a creative outlet that will continue to promote your brand. If you’ve ever written something as short as an email to a client then you’ll continue to benefit with improved customer service and a more professional rapport with your words. 

8. How can I justify the cost? 

If you are younger or older and you may not need the security of a full time 40 hours a week job, then writing two articles a week that bring you in $1600 earns you $83,200 a year, that’s a lot of personal training sessions you have to do before you make that sort of money. Best part? With writing it is 99% profit. If you are doing personal training you’ve got to pay for your rent to the gym, your clothes and equipment. Then there’s transport getting to the gym or to see your clients. You can even think of this course as your insurance policy for when you’re unable to work in a gym or are sick, plus you can write it off at tax time as a business expense. Thing is, you can write articles from anywhere in the world. One of my fellow freelance writers lives full time in Thailand and trains people in mixed martial arts for a portion of his day but writes for the rest of his day. Living in a developing country, $1600 goes an exceptionally long way. 


There is a formula for writing successful articles, it is not a science and you don’t need a particular flair or way with words. Most writers started out having never written a single article. In this course you will study and use the templates for creating successful articles and books. That said, you cannot buzz through the course without putting fingers to a keyboard, you will need to have a desire to write so your knowledge can reach a larger audience. As you progress through the course you will develop this skill through practice. The steps are simple: engage in the course, complete all the assignments, interact on the forums and follow our steps for marketing yourself and your work. At the end of it once you follow all the steps and do all the assignments will have an article you have written, published. 

Yours in Fitness,

Ray Klerck

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