If you’re an experienced trainer and have the drive to start your own business, opening your own gym has surely crossed your mind. Nothing beats a private, dedicated space for getting in shape and promoting healthy living.

For many, a smaller, more personal gym is much less stressful and intimidating than a giant facility, where equipment is passed among several people at a time. At your personal gym, your clients wouldn’t need to worry about waiting in long lines to use their favourite machines. Not to mention, you could take pride in a space that’s all your own.

But what do you need to get your gym started and how should you get it?

It’s very important to think about how many people will use the gym, what times of day will be the busiest, and which types of equipment your current and potential clients prefer to work with. The cost of new equipment adds up fast, and even with the latest in fitness technology, there’s no guarantee that your endeavor will succeed.

But don’t worry: None of that is meant to dissuade you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. The more questions you ask and research you do ahead of time, the better prepared you’ll be to truly make a go of it! Let’s take a look at some of the more concrete features your gym will need:

Essential Gym Equipment

Treadmills are always a favorite among gym patrons. They’re versatile enough either to a challenge to the biggest gym rat pt provide a light introduction to fitness for someone who’s trying to get in shape for the first time in their life. A small gym that accommodates multiple clients at a time should have three treadmills at the very least. Even your most loyal customers don’t want to wait around for more than a couple of minutes to use their favorite piece of equipment!

Weights are of course necessary for those looking to work on their strength. Free weights ranging from about two pounds to 60+ pounds should be available for those at all levels of fitness and strength. Gym goers like weights that feel modern, clean, and easy on their hands. Weight machines are just as important as free weights, but we’ll get into those a bit later.

Stationary bikes are always needed, especially for those who like to take spin classes in group sessions. When the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor riding, avid cyclists will consider these a huge plus when you make them a part of your gym.

Elliptical equipment is a bit like a treadmill for those who want to step the difficulty level up a notch.These machines are important for cardiovascular training, building stamina, and improving your body’s balance.

An all-in-one machine is a piece of multifunctional equipment that can be used in different ways to train different areas of your body. Staples of the gym, all-in-ones can serve as a great centerpiece to your space and highlight your versatility as a personal trainer.

Leg curl equipment can helps client who may be rehabbing leg injuries or suffer from mobility-impacting disabilities and want to gain strength in their legs.

Adjustable benches with bars and disc weights are necessary for bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass.

Non-Essential (But Still Great!) Gym Equipment and Programs

Some accessories are a plus, but not mandatory: yoga mats, training balls, power bands, jump ropes, and wellness balls can all help you attract a variety of clients.

Depending on your experience and knowledge, you can add different specialized training sessions to your schedule. These could include kickboxing, Zumba, water aerobics (if you have access to a pool), martial arts, and even dance. Offering a wide variety of these specialized courses will attract customers looking to learn and grow certain skills.

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