Aaron Laurence has trained thousands of people, working as a personal trainer for over a decade on the sweeping expanse of white sand at Bondi, one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Over that time, he developed his own unique style of High Intensity Resistance training, using a wide variety of equipment. He used traditional training tools, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls in outdoor group training sessions, but ran into a problem.

He found that, with the number of new clients he was taking on, it had become impossible to keep incorporating an ever-growing array of equipment into his sessions. There simply was no way to provide the different types of equipment at the different weight ranges necessary for the unique needs of everyone he worked with. He was lugging a ton of equipment—and a ton of weight—around, and it was working against his desire to keep his workouts as streamlined as possible.

His solution was the YBell—a single piece of equipment that could replicate the functionality of all of the other gear he and his clients had been using. The YBell wasn’t developed overnight—Aaron designed and redesigned it to perfect its form and its function. He consulted other experts in fitness, and worked with industrial designers, refining his design and testing various prototypes. Finally, he found the perfect design—easy, accessible, and effective, and able to replicate hundreds of exercises.

The YBell is a revolutionary all-in-one masterpiece of fitness equipment, capable of providing endless variations of workouts with no added parts or accessories. Using a YBell, you’re capable of doing kettlebell exercises, dumbbell workouts, a demanding double-grip med ball routine, and a truly amazing variety of unique YBell exercises, all with the one piece of equipment. It even doubles as a push-up bar.

Aaron and his clients have been using YBells for over two years now, and seeing fantastic results. As a trainer, they save Aaron time and space—not to mention hassle—yet offer an endless variety of workouts. It’s a comfortable, compact, and efficient design, and the revolutionary YBell delivers incredible results, in less time—meaning shorter, more effective workouts.

All you need to do to access the different exercises is change grip—a grip change is an equipment change. You can use one YBell for hundreds of individual exercises, and it’s all as simple as changing the way you hold it.

Hold the YBell by the centre grip, and it’s a dumbbell, providing the right weight distribution and dynamic to perfectly replicate any exercise you can perform with traditional dumbbells. To replicate the functionality of a double-grip med ball, just hold it in an under grip, and every med ball exercise is right there with you. Need a kettlebell? Change your grip to an outer grip, and the weight, resistance, and utility of a traditional kettlebell is literally in the palm of your hand. To use it as a push-up bar, just use a top grip.

That’s already a huge number of exercises and a lot of variety. Now, add to that the YBell’s specific mobility exercises—like double grip cross halos and transition grip cross catch presses—and you really do have an all-in-one training solution. And they’re available in a range of weights for every body at every fitness level—Xtra-Small at 4.3kg, the Small at 6.5kg, the Medium at 8kg, the Large at 10kg, and the Xtra-Large at 12kg.

It’s an incredibly effective, innovative exercise tool, and now exclusively through PT Academy, you can bring this unique fitness opportunity to your clients. PT Academy is the only official provider of YBell education—globally. Through this truly one-of-a-kind course for fitness professionals, you’ll experience a truly unique YBell training course, first hand, and get to know the versatility, functionality, ease of use, and comfort that the YBell provides.

You’ll learn to create purposeful exercises using the YBell, which you’ll be able to share with your clients to help them attain specific training goals. Through PT Academy, learn to coach dynamic movements incorporating the YBell and master the variations in grip and stance that will enhance and increase your training vocabulary. By the end of the training, you’ll be able to create YBell POD-based programs.

PT Academy are current members of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training and a Fitness Australia Registered Training Organisation, with Nationally Recognised courses. We place tremendous value not only in the quality of the fitness education we’re offering, but also in how it is being delivered. At PT Academy, we’re passionate about ensuring everyone’s experience is empowering, and that the education we’re providing occurs in an environment that is encouraging and supportive, but still allows room for individual accountability.

Our educators are all professionals, active in the fitness industry, and eager to share their expertise. They’re passionate about delivering safe, effective, and knowledgeable instruction, and understand the power of continual improvement through our Continuing Education Courses.

We’re very pleased to be able to bring YBell training course to our clients—and encourage you not to hesitate on this opportunity. The YBell is unlike any fitness tool you’ve ever used, and through our exclusive training, you’ll be on the leading edge of what’s sure to be a new trend in personal training.


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