24 current TRX Suspension Training Coaches took the opportunity to attend the all new TRX FORCE level 2 suspension training course over the weekend. Courses were held in Melbourne at Personal Training Academy on Friday and Sydney at the official TRX Sydney Training Centre on Sunday.

Attached is a video with a couple of pics from the courses. The video is of three of the participants from PTA’s Melbourne Campus course outlining what their big takeaways from the course are.

They actually sum up some of the course objectives very well.

If you want to take your TRX Suspension Training knowledge to the next level, please check www.ptacacemy.com.au and find out when the next TRX FORCE course will be held in your area.

Before you watch the video…. This is a level 2 course, so you need to have completed a Level 1 TRX Suspension Training course before you can attend.

More pictures from our training:

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