Personal Training Academy: Trigger Point CEC
The team go through the Calf manipulation

I had the very fortunate pleasure to be able to facilitate the Trigger Point Therapy Myofascial Compression Technique course to 19 wonderful coaches from Brisbane and Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast on Sunday the 10th of August. It was a fantastic day. One of the best parts for me as the facilitator was seeing the guys feel the difference the manipulations made in their own body’s. After they felt just how these techniques worked on their body’s, you could see that they couldn’t wait to go and help their clients. In fact their enthusiasm to then empower their clients to unlock their body’s was inspiring.

Another great aspect of the day was seeing a friend of mine starting to take the next step to being a Trigger Point Therapy Instructor. Josh Scott from Go Health Clubs Nundah did a fantastic day co-presenting with me and helped the group really grasp the concept of how doing a little each day helps him get awesome results with his clients.

Personal Training Academy: Trigger Point CEC course
Quad release time. Always brings smiles…

We also had some excellent group fitness instructors on the course, so Brisbane, look out for some group fitness release classes coming to a facility near you very soon.

Thank you to everyone involved in helping make this course such a success and after that experience, I am sure we will be up there again very soon.


Here are some photos from the Trigger Point Therapy MCT course at Go Health Club Nundah 10 August. \

Personal Training Academy: Trigger Point CEC Course
Seriously, pretty sure its everyones favourite time of the day.

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