Getting your Certificate 3 and 4

If a career in physical fitness is something that appeals to you, or if you’ve always wanted to become a personal trainer, it’s important to get the right training and certification. You’ll want to look into getting your certificate 3 and 4, and there’s no better place to do it than the Personal Training Academy.

A Certificate 3 in fitness is an excellent place to start. Fitness instructors at this level most often find themselves supervising and guiding members in a range of settings, both on the gym floor and during more formal and focused training in a class environment. Duties range from providing assistance with equipment on the gym floor, advising members on how best to achieve the results they want to see, and assessing new members to determine their general fitness level and what their preliminary goals might be. Read on to learn more about you will learn on your journey to becoming a personal trainer and what others have learned as well!

What You’ll Learn in Qualifying for your Certificate 3

During study for a Certificate 3, you’ll learn about anatomy and physiology, the latest in nutrition science, become familiar with the newest gym and personal training gear, how to screen and successfully assess new clients as well as how to write tailored health, fitness, and workout programs—along with the ability to develop programs for clients with specific needs, like endurance training, general athletic improvement, injury recovery and prevention, and much more.

A Certificate 3 qualifies you to work in gym and fitness centres, health clubs, cruise ships, and spas. It will also enable you to teach group fitness and training classes in a supervised environment—and you can take your skills with you anywhere in the world.

For those considering a career in fitness, a Certificate 3 is where you’ll want to start; it provides a solid basis and give you what you need to progress even further in the profession. If you’re passionate about fitness and want to learn how the human body best functions and responds to various nutritional and exercise regimens, the Certificate 3 will serve you well.

The best part is that you can start whenever you’re ready. With PT Academy, you won’t have to worry about signing up by specific enrollment dates or worrying about making it in time for the next scheduled school term. Simply complete your enrolment process, go through a pre-training review, and you’re on your way to immediate PT training.

Moving on the Certificate 4

If you already hold a Certificate 3 in Fitness and want to continue your studies—or just want to plan ahead for next steps after gaining your Certificate 3—you’ll want to move on to becoming a qualified personal trainer by completing the Certificate 4 in Fitness Course. If you’re feeling particularly motivated or want to move things along even quicker, you may be interested in our blended Certificate 3 and 4 course.




What You’ll Learn in Qualifying for your Certificate 4

You’ll build on the solid foundations of the Certificate 3 classes by picking up extended and more in-depth knowledge of physiology and anatomy, and how to apply that knowledge to various types of clients. You’ll also pick up the skills necessary to become your own boss—Certificate 4 classes cover what it takes to set up and maintain a successful personal training business of your own.

You’ll study courses in human body design, advanced functional anatomy and biomechanics, how to develop exercise programs for all client types with any variety of needs, from weight loss to building muscle mass, general health and wellness, and the motivational psychology necessary to inspire your clients to achieve their personal best.

What Previous Students Have Said

“I have spent the last 6 months completing Certificate 3 & 4, and TRX suspension group training at PT Academy. The level of training and education PTA take us through is so far above any other institute in Australia. I couldn’t be happier choosing PTA, they have provided me with a solid education in fitness and a wealth of knowledge I know I couldn’t get from anywhere else.

From online lectures with leading pioneers to intense practical workshops with some of the best trainers in the industry, these guys are truly incredible.”

— Kate Kesans

“Once I made up my mind to become a qualified Personal Trainer, I found that PTA utilise a science-based approach to exercise and they stood out from all the other registered training organisations by a mile. I found the learning platform easy to use by just working your way through the material at your own pace. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable if you need any assistance along the way.

PTA has given me the confidence and support to commence my own small business.

Don’t waste your time considering any other Training Organisation—this is the only one to go with!”

—Tamara Campbel

Visit PTAcademy website for more information about earning the certifications and qualifications you will need to start your own personal training business.



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