Personal trainers make connections with thousands of people throughout their careers, influencing countless lives and helping to make change throughout the process. For many, the motivation to help create transformative change comes from a desire to provide the same kind of support fitness provided them, truly believing in the power of exercise and movement to manifest positive change. Although this may be the inner desires of many personal trainers, few training programs equip PTs to connect on a human level, instead focusing on the physical and technical aspects of the job.

At PT Academy, we offer a wide range of training and educational programs to help our students cultivate a deeper, more nuanced understanding of their influence as personal trainers. Our courses are designed to enhance your skills in every area of your career, including how you convey your personal and professional message to your clients. If you dream of creating a business by making personal connections and enhancing your brand, we can help you to discover the tools to help you do just that.

Developing a Positive Mindset

Fitness has provided a refuge for people forever, allowing humans to expend energy and express themselves in a productive, healthy way; that said, being great at working out or being dedicated to fitness doesn’t mean that your mindset is conducive to a successful, happy life. As fitness professionals, we often find ourselves trapped by mindset blocks that prevent us from exploring new avenues or trying new techniques. Our beliefs hold us back and as a result, hold our clients back.

Mindset blocks come from everywhere, past failures, discomfort, fear, and doubt being some of the most likely sources. If you hold fast to these beliefs, you will struggle to impart wisdom and influence change in others, since you will have limited what you believe to be possible. Your clients look to you for guidance and information, so if there is something you struggle to do, they will pick up on that and develop a similar mental block.

By eliminating your mental blocks and learning to open yourself up to the ‘what ifs’ of life, you can learn to be more flexible, learn more quickly, and become more successful in everything you do. In turn, your clients will gain confidence seeing you take on challenges and discover the strength to overcome challenges themselves.

Whether you struggle with mental blocks knowingly or not, completing our Mindset Performance Credential can help you to enhance your career and lead a less stressful life. In addition to learning tools that will help you to move beyond self-established limits, you will gain the skills needed to impart this knowledge to your clients, creating lasting change that goes beyond physical fitness. Positive mindset development is like exercise for your mind.

Building An Audience

To create change and influence your clients, you need to have an interested audience. As fitness professionals, we typically focus on our bodies, which is why many of us struggle to speak publicly or express ourselves in front of a crowd. A general fear of public speaking and a lack of confidence in self-advertising can leave even the most skilled personal trainers struggling to find clients, which is why PT Academy offers courses specifically designed to help you build your personal brand.

The Powerful Presenting for Fitness Professionals continuing education course is designed to help students advance their businesses by pinpointing their personal messaging and target audience. Everyone has a story to tell that will appeal to different people, meaning there are clients for everyone that wants a career as a personal trainer. In order to reach these clients, you need to know how to talk and convey your message, which is why we’ve created the Powerful Presenting course.

Taught by Melony Dos Remedios, co-founder of PT Academy and long-time member of the fitness industry, this course provides students with all the tools they’ll need to clearly establish their goals, convey their message, and make connections with clients that will relate to their personal story and fitness journey.

Transforming Lives

Once you have gained the tools you need to overcome your own limiting beliefs and have learned a few methods of sharing your wisdom, you are well on your way to becoming an important and transformative force in the lives of your clients. Your fitness journey and personal story can be a vehicle for change, encouraging your clients to reach for the same goals and attain similar heights of success. With the right tools, your story is just the beginning of the saga.

Ready to begin your career as a personal trainer? Develop the tools, learn key skills, and make connections with experienced fitness professionals when you enroll at PT Academy today!



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