Many of us mistakenly believe that if we want something enough, we will be able to achieve it, but in truth, becoming who we want to become takes a whole lot more than a little bit of motivation. No matter who you are or at what point you are in your fitness journey, there is always more to learn about how you can make yourself stronger, become more committed, and feel more comfortable with yourself. 

At PT Academy, we educate fitness professionals for lifelong careers by teaching both the physical and the mental sides of fitness. Your mind is a muscle just like your biceps, which means your mind needs exercise just like the rest of your body. Though we may want to attribute not being able to do something to a physical block – like not being our ideal weight – oftentimes the reason we are unable to accomplish the things we want is because of a mental block. 

As personal trainers, it is important to not only push and support your clients physically, but also to push and support your clients mentally. In their journey to reaching their goal fitness level, there will be successess and failures, both of which will be established first by the individual’s state of mind. There are certain thinking patterns and ways of seeing the self that prevent growth, which is exactly why we work to help our students learn to identify, exericse, and eliminate mindset blocks right from the start. 

What Is A Mindset Block?

A mindset block is a limiting belief or thought that holds you back from meeting your full potential. Most of us have at least a couple mindset blocks, though we don’t always recognize them as being limiting beliefs, but rather, use them to help ourselves avoid things that feel uncomfortable. For example, believing that you are not able to run a mile will prevent you from ever trying, and will make your failures feel even more real and permanent. 

Simply changing your mindset and learning to become a positive rather than negative thinker can have an enormous impact on your success, and the success of those around you. As a personal trainer, it is important to learn how to identify mindset blocks in your clients in order to help them achieve their goals. It is easy to brush off negative comments and anxiety from clients as first-time jitters or as nerves, but if you take the time to look a little bit more closely, you will likely discover that they actually are experiencing a mindset block. 

How Do Mindset Blocks Impact Your Clients? 

Mindset blocks are one of the primary reasons many people never embark on a fitness journey, falsely believing that they are unable to for some reason. Perhaps they ‘don’t have the time’ because they work and have children. Perhaps the ‘are too old’ and think they should have started earlier. Perhaps they believe they ‘don’t have the body type’ to get fit, an idea falsely perpetuated by many popular media sources. Whatever it is, there are many reasons people create that prevent them from ever even trying to make a change. 

Now, don’t be fooled, just because someone takes the steps to hire a personal trainer or to visit the gym doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from some kind of mental block, it just means their particular mental blocks haven’t stopped them from talking themselves into the gym. Even a seemingly motivated person, or someone who appears to be fit can surprise you with their own perceived self-limitations, so be prepared to meet clients from every walk of life that are limiting themselves with their beliefs. 

It isn’t always the ‘obvious’ clients that show signs of suffering from mental blocks, many professional athletes find themselves struggling to stay motivated as well. Athletes that sustain injuries, for example, often develop mental blocks relating to their injuries, suddenly believing that their injuries will prevent them from ever playing at the level they were before. These are the kinds of limiting beliefs you will need to learn to break through, which brings us to an exciting course now being offered to our students around the world. 

Learn to Overcome and Move Beyond Mindset Blocks & Limiting Thoughts

To be a successful personal trainer, you will need to learn to help your clients overcome mindset blocks in order to achieve their goals. Mindset coaching is an integral part of personal training, and can help you to develop a deeper understanding of your clients and their potential. To help you to develop your mindset coaching skills, PT Academy is now offering a level 2 Mindset Performance credential, taught and presented by Dr. Brian Grasso, Dr. Mike T. Nelson, and Carrie Campbell L.C. 

In the course, you’ll learn to identify, address, and eliminate unconscious mindset blocks that could be preventing you or your clients from becoming successful, and help you to develop the tools you’ll need to become a successful mindset coach. 

Learn more about the Mindset Performance credential and other training opportunities when you visit PT Academy online today. 


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