Fitness and healthy lifestyles are as unique as people. That’s because everyone has varying nutritional and workout requirements and personal fitness goals. As a fitness professional, you may struggle to juggle your clients’ demands and your own personal needs. Having the right tools and skills to provide the best health and fitness plans is indispensable as a professional. Fortunately, PT Academy and PH 360 are partnering to provide a one of a kind experience to give you the right skills and tools to help your clients get results: Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive.

What Is Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive?

Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive is a fitness professional retreat that will take place from March 1st to 6th, 2020. It will be held at the pristine Hotel Komune Resort in Bali. Not only will you spend 6 days in paradise, you will partake in an immersive educational program that will give you the tools you need to offer exceptional nutrition and fitness guidance to your clients. You will learn how to become a PTA Movement and ph360 Coach. You will be given educational packets and manuals to reference with clients. You will gain access to training and support even after the retreat! This is just a portion of what is offered at Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive.

Develop Solid Fitness Knowledge Through PT Academy

During the Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive, you will learn how to become a PTA Movement Coach. The PT Academy is an Australian Registered Training Organisation and is Nationally Recognised. You will be immersed in their programs and acquire an understanding of how they work and develop skills you can directly apply to your fitness career.

Bring the Power of Science with ph360

Ph360 will help you understand your clients health needs and create long lasting results. By assessing an individual’s HealthType, you will learn to provide healthy living guidance that goes beyond eating habits. You will be able to provide recommendations for sleeping, ideal vacations, energizing social engagements, and much more. During the retreat, you will get in depth information and training about ph360’s system; you will also receive live mentoring and assistance when creating Personalized Health for your clients.




Harness the Power of Our Community

The benefits you will get at Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive do not end on March 6th, 2020. After completing the Fitness Professional Retreat, you will still have access to ph360’s professional health community. Here you will have the opportunity to interact with other trainers and health professionals which will expand your network. The data on acquiring new clients through referrals is staggering and you can only benefit from becoming a member of the ph360 community!

Meet Local Trainers

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to interact with local Bali fitness pros. Specifically, you will get the chance to engage with Dom Dos Remedios, owner of PT Academy. He is a fountain of knowledge with over 20 years of industry experience. You will also meet Kyle Riley, one of the programs International Lead Educators. Kyle specializes in educating professionals on personalized health. He teaches all over the globe and is a true expert in the field.

You Will Learn in Paradise

Let us not forget that not only will you gain a tremendous amount of concrete skills and tools, you will be staying at the marvelous Hotel Komune Resort. Located on the majestic East Coast of Bali, the resort is rich in breathtaking gardens and beaches. Accommodations and select meal expenses with be included in the Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive.

Come Join Us and Become a Pro!

Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive is a fantastic learning experience and valuable resource if you are serious about your fitness career. You will grow your in personalized health, meeting other professionals and expand your network, and receive coaching and mentoring beyond the Fitness Professional Retreat. It is six days packed with indispensable knowledge you will not want to miss out on. You will also receive access to vast amounts of training resources and a Personalised Health Manual that you can reference at any time. Make sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity and reserve your spot today!



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