Evolve Health Studio in Perth recently hosted our Certificate III students for two fun-filled practical weekends.

Sweat, laughter, games and a bit of learning combined to make a valuable weekend for these new entries into the fitness industry.

evolve cert III 3

Here are some of the comments facilitator Tony de Graaf received:

Thanks for the Cert 3 Workshop over the past 2 weekends, I really enjoyed your method of teaching, it made for a very relaxing and enjoyable environment – good for my blood pressure no stress haha – letting the conversation go off in different directions was really good too as it helped answer questions I was about to ask. The course was very informative and very easy to take on board, you made my course very enjoyable and looking forward to cert 4!” – Chris Ridge
Cert III Evolve Health
“Thanks for the past couple of weekends I’ve really enjoyed it and gotten a lot out of the face to face training.  It gave me a lot more confidence than the theory online.  Your delivery of the material and ability to answer our queries and let us dribble on when needed made it informative and fun. See you later in the year for Cert IV!” – Latash Kirton
“I found this course an excellent learning platform, the relaxed yet structured environment was perfect and made everyone feel happy to ask that ‘silly question’ or put their hand up and say ‘ I don’t understand’.
I like how we worked through the steps you would do with any new client or business and the case studies and discussions which followed.The course also wasn’t shy in discussing why so many new PT’s fail in this industry and how to make sure you’re not one of these statistics. I loved the group of people I met on this course and thank you for everything Tony … Our hands on training sessions were great too. Education and a workout! Perfect!
Roll on IV and then getting out and helping clients fulfill their goals and making my passions my new career!” – Sarah Brown
If you know someone who wants to kick off a new career – call us on 1300 556 540!

evolve cert III 2

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