A group of 19 people attended the Trigger Point Therapy Ultimate 6 course in Brisbane at One Stop Fitness on Sunday the 2nd of March.

Trigger Point kit

The most pleasing part of this course was the wide variety of people.  The participants were mostly unaware of Myofascial lines and in fact of fascia itself. (Something I think a few of us in PTA land take for granted is that at least most people have heard of fascia).

There was heaps of ‘ah-ha!’ moments as the course participants felt the manipulations on themselves. A lot of comments like, “My knee hasn’t felt that good in ages!” or “my back feels heaps better”. This is truly an empowering course. We give people, some in the fitness industry, some in the cross fit community and some not fitness people at all, a chance to “unlock” their bodies.

The Brisbane participants were awesome! It was a great day. My proudest moment was when a few of the participants came up and said “I want to learn more”.

Keep learning everyone!



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