Do You Actually Need A Fitness Diploma? Time To Get Real!  Article image by PT Academy
beware of unnecessary Fitness Diplomas

If you’re thinking about becoming a fitness professional and considering getting a Fitness Diploma, I’d like to take a moment to get real with you. Choosing an education provider is a big decision you should take your time with. Do your research and google away! However, if you haven’t been exposed to the inner workings of the industry, there are some things you won’t be able to search.  Business decisions are happening behind the scenes that are changing the landscape.

In boardrooms all over Australia, education providers decide on the direction they’d like to take their Registered Training Organisation.  Most providers make decisions based on what’s best for the students, however, far too many base the decision on how much they can get from the government!  

Providers with deep pockets that invest heavily in learning about the latest loopholes they can jump through to take advantage of the government’s financial scheme – VET-FEE help. The business model is to suck in unsuspecting students with stars in their eyes and SELL the dream of being BETTER than OTHER trainers because they have a diploma!

Are you good enough?

On a recent call to one of these providers I was told that If I wanted to discuss nutrition, work with women AND be better than those “other trainers”, then I would need to come in and find out if I was GOOD enough to qualify for their course! HMMM?

Good enough to take out a loan provided to me by taxpayers!  I will never have to pay this back because, I will never earn more than $57K, YAY! (Or at least, I won’t claim that at tax time, heh heh.) So: I’ve given taxpayers dollars to a company that is selling me a course that I don’t actually need? To be employed in the industry that doesn’t care about my diploma? Yeah baby!

Time to call B.S.!

I need to call B.S. on this! I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and developed over 3000 PTs. I’ve seen graduates from all different education providers, some marginally better than others. When it comes to employability, a diploma in fitness is IRRELEVANT!

YEP, you heard me right! I haven’t met ONE single gym owner, PT manager; or business owner that will only accept FITNESS DIPLOMA qualified PTs!

Be WARY of unnecessary diplomas

So what ARE employers looking for?

They’re looking for a CERT IV Qualified PT and they’re looking for YOU! You’re determined, resilient, adaptable and willing to LEARN! And if you are a PTA graduate, you have the PROVEN Systems, Science and Tools to get some WINS early in your career.  You will be empowered to get your clients results while your confidence grows!

Employers care about how you interact with members and with the team. People hire for attitude, HEART and a willingness to learn from your mistakes! NOT because you have a Fitness Diploma!

Are you ready for to get qualified with real TOOLS and JUMP ahead of the competition?  

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