Hi all. I wanted to acknowledge the 16 people we had at the latest Trigger Point Therapy SELF (there’s a reason I highlighted – self) Myofascial Compression Techniques (SMCT).

The course was held in Melbourne on Friday the 24th of October. We had a great day. The participants ranged in experience in the industry from around 15 years to just 13 days. Everyone took something away from the course. Whether it was for them and their body personally or directly for their clients, every participant left with new knowledge on how to help movement. One of the biggest “ah ha’s” the participants had was this: Helping people move via releasing one structure can actually aid movement throughout the whole body. Although SMCT (self myofascial compression techniques) are not the only way to help people move better, they are a great method that coaches can use to empower their clients to help them move better. It is systemised, effective and fairly easy to teach people how to do.

If helping yourself and your clients move better sounds like a good idea to you, then contact Zoe to get onto the next course! [email protected] or (03) 9516 8804 


Personal Training Academy
The ever popular Quad release!
Personal Training Academy
The room is waiting eagerly for the coaches to arrive
Persona Training Academy: Melbourne
Yes, they’re an enthusiastic bunch!