Personal Training Academy’s Systems, Sciences and Tools (SST’s) are the key stone of our education. “But what are they”? I here you ask. Well, great question.

We have four systems. All of which are founded in various sciences that have had tools made to make the complex simple. This is to empower you to use the SST’s in your business developing you not only into a fantastic coach, but a leader in our industry.

  • Systems are: motivation, movement, client screening and programming.
  • Each one is backed up by the Science, which is based in: Neuropsychology / Neuroscience, Human movement, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and Exercise Science.
  • The Tools help you use the systems and sciences repeatedly to find out how you can best help your client and deliver that help how they want it.

We could give you exact examples of the tools. But, you need to experience them. To give you the names of them wouldn’t do them justice and to just give you the information would be like trying to teach you Martial Arts by just giving you the manual. You’d see the pictures, but you wouldn’t know how to get there, what it was for or when to use it. However, there is a more in-depth explanation here.

The good news is you can get your hands on and head into the information. You can do the PTAG Bridging and Advanced courses fully online. You can complete the Bridging course and then come to a practical face to face learning day to put the online material into practice and ask PTAG Faculty the questions you need to really cement the info.

The biggest learning experience is the online education with the immersive experience of the Mentorships. I know I have told you about them before. But, if you wish to help us build the PTAG community, this is the best way. Yes, they all cost money. But do you want access to the best information available? Not just on one tool, not just on one style. Personal Training Academy Global is a philosophy that overarches everything else in the industry.

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