Push ups

If you’ve ever rang PT Academy and had a chat with our staff, you may have wondered who we are. So, we decided to do a short movie on our staff. During these little snippets, you’ll get introduced to a staff member and then get to see them playing or performing there ‘favourite’ movement.

The issue I seem to be having is narrowing down peoples favourite movement to just one. It seems we like to move it – move it (insert  the real 2 real song here – or the movie Madagascar version if you please).

This “episode” we meet Joss. Joss is a PT Academy Cert 3 & 4 graduate and has just started at Personal Training Academy in a Business Development role. Joss’s favourite move (this week) is push ups…. yes push ups!  Lots of variations there of.  So drop and give yourself 20 (army reference..) along with Joss.

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