Developing a reputation as a personal trainer is one thing; determining what to charge your clients is a whole other matter. You should take several factors into consideration as you price your services, including the exclusivity of your services, expenses and bills, and the time you devote to the job.

Before you break out the calculator, take a look at these simple tips to create your hourly client rate as well as questions to keep in mind when determining your cost.

Determine how much time you have to devote to clients

Perhaps you are going to school part-time or have a full-time job that would allow you to offer personal training sessions on the weekends. Whatever your situation may be, having an idea of how much time you can dedicate to personal training services is important for determining your hourly rate.

If you are looking to be a personal trainer full-time, your rate might be higher, since it is your only source of income. However, if it is a part-time gig, you may offer lower rates, since you are just training for some extra cash. Also, keep in mind holidays and future vacations you might have planned where you would need time off from training. Working these into your rates will make it easier for you to plan future outings and getaways for you and your family.

Evaluate how much money you want to earn yearly

According to Australian Fitness Academy, the average starting salary for a personal trainer is $51,000 and the salary range is anywhere from $36,974 to $123,564. Of course, the starting salary does not apply to everyone since hours and time devoted to personal training will be different.

Regardless, when determining your hourly rate you should consider how much you would like to make a year. Consider your expenses and cost of living and make sure that your desired income covers that as well as leaves you additional money for other needs. Having this number in mind can help you determine a rate that works for you.

Research personal training services in your areas to see what you’re up against

Location plays a big factor in determining your personal training rates. If you live somewhere in Australia where personal training opportunities are limited, your rates could be higher. If you are located in a busy city like Sydney, you might have the competition of local gyms and other surrounding personal training services where you might likely consider different rates or unique packages to offer clients to help you stand out from the competition.




Secure a location where you will offer personal training services

Personal trainers can offer services in many different types of places, including fitness clubs and even public parks. Therefore, it is important to have a secure location and factor that into your calculation of your hourly rate.

Most of the time, personal trainers working out of gyms or fitness clubs will charge a lower rate since the client is already paying for a membership and using equipment that does not belong to the trainer. Those who offer services in a home gym or public space tend to have higher rates since they are most likely supplying their own equipment. Determining a location for your services and even offering to train clients at their home might make your business more appealing to others.

Offer a variety of services in your rates

Once you are close to determining the hourly rate for your personal training services, consider what type of training you will offer to clients. Whether it is a 12-week challenge, bootcamps or one-on-one sessions, offering a service that is original and unique can make your rates either increase or decrease.

Additionally, consider offering packaged deals. For example, if you are offering one-on-one sessions, including 10 in a package for $200 and see what type of traffic that generates in regards to leads and client interest. The more value you offer to the client, the better. If you also have advanced knowledge in personal training and have Certificate 3 and 4 training under your belt, your services can go beyond personal training as you can offer specialized health training to meet clients with special health and exercise needs.



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