If you’re looking to make it big in the personal training industry, you have to have the right role models to look up to for inspiration and guidance. In today’s technology-driven world, social media may be just the place to go for that inspiration. Many aspiring personal training and those new to the industry find several fitness influencers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to look up to for advice and suggestions. Not sure who to “Follow”? Here are some of Australia’s top fitness social media influencers you’ll definitely want to watch closely.

1- Emily Skye

Assisting over 4 million women worldwide, former model and health and fitness expert Emily Skye is extremely popular in the social media world. With her workout plans conveniently made to be done in the comfort of your own home, Emily developed her F.I.T. programs (also known as High Intensity Interval Training) online and has an archive of video libraries showcasing fun and intensive exercises as well as nutritionist-developed meal plans to help followers achieve their fitness goals. In 2018, Skye launched a makeup line “Emily Skye Beauty” and has recently collaborated with Reebok to design a running shoe line.

Facebook: @emilyskyemodel

Twitter: @missemilyskye

Instagram: @emilyskyefit

YouTube: EmilySkye

Website: emilyskyefit.com

2- Amanda Bisk

Making the incredible transformation from former Australian pole vaulter to personal trainer, Amanda Bisk has proven that no goal is unattainable! A certified yoga instructor, Amanda discovered her love for the zen way of staying fit with her diagnosis of chronic fatigue. With her yoga certification, the personal trainer created a series of online programs designed with flexibility in mind titled Fresh Body Fit Mind. Check out her social media accounts for some daily doses of inspiration!

Facebook: @amandabiskfitness

Twitter: @amanda_bisk

Instagram: @amandabisk

YouTube: Amanda Bisk

Website: amandabisk.com

3- Michelle Bridges

Former host of Australia’s The Biggest Loser, Michelle Bridges is best known for her incredible client results and motivational, no-nonsense attitude to achieve desirable results. With over 20 years of experience in the personal training industry, Michelle has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels. Author of 16 books, Michelle’s various works give a glimpse inside her busy life and balancing a daily schedule with maintaining a healthy body. Her social media accounts also never fail to show her busy life as a mom. In 2015, Michelle has worked with Australia supermarket chain Woolworths creating a line of healthy ready-to-eat frozen meals titled Delicious Nutritious.

Facebook: @Mishy.Bridges

Instagram: @mishbridges

YouTube: Michelle Bridges

Website: michellebridges.com.au

4- Lindy Olsen

In Australia’s personal training industry, the name “Lindy Olsen” is definitely one that belongs in the top influencers category. A five-time World Natural Figure and Model Champion, Lindy has inspired many with her incredible story of weight loss after losing 55 pounds and motivation to get healthy. Serving as a health fitness ambassador for Musashi Performance Nutrition as well as Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine Australia, Lindy has shown that obstacles in one’s fitness journey can be overcome through perseverance and a positive spirit!

Facebook: @LindyOlsenFitnessInternational

Twitter: @LindyOlsen

Instagram: @lindyolsen

Youtube: Lindy Olsen

Website: lindyolsen.com

5- Cameron Byrnes

Known throughout Australia for providing personal training services to celebrities, Cameron Byrnes is one of the country’s leading fitness experts in body transformations. From training former Spice Girl Mel B, Cameron’s posts on social media accounts has inspired many to put their health and fitness goals first, leading them to a better quality of life. Cameron helps other personal trainers in the making with his coaching and mentoring program, contributes his expertise as leading Fitness Expert and Celebrity Transformation Expert for Men’s Health Magazine Australia and is also an ambassador for the Guardian Connect CGM program, a leading medical device company helping those struggling with Type 1 Diabetes by sharing his own personal experience with having the disease.

Facebook: @CameronByrnesPT

Twitter: @CamByrnesPT

Instagram: @cameronbyrnespt

Website: cameronbyrnes.com


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