We’re so pleased our students are enjoying the Trigger Point workshops. Here is some great feedback from Jill Foreman, in WA.  We think Cassidy Phillips, founder of Trigger Point, would approve! (That’s this cool dude.)


Hi – I just wanted to give some feedback on the Trigger Point Performance workshop I attended at WAFIC and to say thank you so much to the PT Academy Team. I am a 31 year old female that has just entered the Fitness industry and I’m still studying my Cert IV. I first came across PT Academy when I completed their TRX course in Perth earlier on in the year (which was awesome).

I also wanted to complete the Trigger Point course when it came out as I am interested in not only helping my future clients but also improving my own movement, however due to circumstances I couldn’t attend that course. When I registered for WAFIC I saw that PT Academy were presenting Trigger Point and I knew that I would be doing that workshop and let me say I was not disappointed!

Somebody mentioned at the end of the workshop she thought it was the best workshop of the weekend and I would have to agree 100%. It was a mixture of great information, unbelievable results, I had loads of fun and ouch, ohh, ahh and eye opening moments rolling around.


The Trigger Point Trainers certainly know their stuff and I would highly recommend this Trigger Point & PT Academy course to anyone. I am looking forward to completing the full course when it returns to Perth. I still have loads of learning to do, however after your workshop on the weekend I now know the path of functional/effective movement is definitely the place I want to be heading.

It is still hard to believe how much freer I moved and how much my final squat improved compared to the original at the beginning of the workshop. Thanks Guys – you Rock!”

Thanks Jill! We appreciate your feedback and wish you all the success in your fitness career!

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