Get ready Melbourne and Sydney! You’re first to get a chance to attend the TRX Level 2 course, TRX Force.

Melbourne, your chance is on the 13th of June and Sydney you’re on the 15th. There is some really great information in this course and it is sure to take your TRX Suspension Training to a whole new level!

Just to remind you, if you would like to attend, it is a pre-requisite that you have done a TRX Level one (the STC or GSTC) course.  If you are already attending either Melbourne or Sydney, it would be a great idea to download the TRX Force Super App. Don’t pay for the expanded app at this stage. One of the bonuses of coming along to the education is that you get the app code as part of the course. This code will open the entire app.

One of our coaches, Brendan Tuck is so excited he put together a little hello for you all. Brendan and I will be at the Sydney course. SO: if you have done a Level 1 course, and want to further your TRX Suspension Training knowledge, get on board for Level 2!

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