You’re a fitness expert, not a marketer, so why should you be focusing on advertising when you could be developing new workouts? As a personal trainer, it can be difficult to find clientele when you are just getting started and even years into your professional career. For this reason, investment in promoting your personal training business is well worth the time and energy.

In 2020, your resources for self-promoting your personal training business are more abundant than ever before, making it especially easy to find a method that suits your personal brand. In this guide, we want to cover some of the hottest marketing trends for 2020, and some awesome ways you can promote your personal training brand and grow your business!

Send Regular Emails

Email marketing may seem like an archaic practice, but in truth, email marketing has never been hotter than it is right now. Reaching out regularly via email is one of the best ways to ensure you stay at the forefront of clients’ minds, and can help you remind interested clients that you are ready and willing to help them start their fitness journey. Here are a few email marketing techniques to try:

  • Send regular updates on your business to clients, former clients, and interested clients
  • Send welcome emails to new clients
  • Send weekly check-ins and positive motivation
  • Send special offers and promotions

Host a Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges are all the rage and a great way to rally your community for a common cause. You can create your own challenge (maybe a weekly squat challenge?) or participate in one happening locally. No matter how you choose to involve yourself with a fitness challenge, be sure to promote it via social media, your website, and wherever you work out.

Want to draw a big crowd? Consider partnering with a local charity or cause of your choice to raise money for an important cause. Walk-a-thons, 5ks, weekend boot camps, obstacle courses, and relay races all make excellent challenges and can include as few or as many clients as you like. A fitness challenge is a great way to swirl up some excitement around your brand, and a great way to introduce yourself to new fitness enthusiasts.

Teach Group Classes

As a personal trainer, getting face time with potential clients is one of the most surefire ways for you to grow your business. People seeking personal trainers want someone who they can connect with, someone with good, positive energy. Since you can’t get facetime with clients who don’t know you exist, consider teaching group classes at a local gym or fitness center. This can be a great opportunity to connect with other fitness enthusiasts and to show what you can bring to the table in front of a room of potential clients.

Bring Flyers to Local Businesses

Lots of local businesses have bulletin boards, windows, and walls designated for promotional materials. Local artists, teachers, service workers, and more advertise to potential clients in this way, and you should consider doing the same. Create flyers, posters, and other promotional materials and check out some of your local businesses. Consider including a promotion or special deal on your promotional flyers to increase your chances of piquing someone’s interest.

Start a Facebook Page

Social media is the new “word of mouth” marketing, which is why you should be taking full advantage of it. If you haven’t already, consider creating a Facebook page to promote your business. Invite past and current clients to Like and Follow the page, and encourage them to tag it when they share fitness progress, inspiration, or anything else on Facebook.

This is also an excellent way for you to put some of your business promotion in the hands of your clients. People trust recommendations from friends and family more than the Internet, so this is a great way to attract new clients.

Partner with a Nutritionist

As a personal trainer, you probably get a lot of questions from clients on proper diet and nutrition. If you aren’t a nutritionist, giving this kind of advice can be tricky, but you still want to be able to help your clients pair their diet to their workout regimen. Partnering with a nutritionist is a great way to give your business an extra boost of credibility and a great way to promote yourself and reach new clients.

By working with a nutritionist, you can advertise more in-depth health and fitness programs, giving your clients the added benefit of personalized diets and meal plans along with their workout program. Additionally, working with a nutritionist can open the door for you to connect with new clients. Patients of your partnering nutritionist may be interested in your services and vice versa, making this an ideal symbiotic relationship.

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