Our personal training courses give you the systems, sciences and tools to become an elite personal trainer – and stay at the top of your game.


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Offering the highest calibre of personal training courses to help you start your career in the fitness industry.

PT Academy has set the standard for flexible personal trainer courses in Melbourne and wider Australia by staying current with the latest research and techniques in fitness education. Designed by the world’s most trusted experts in fitness, our Certification and CEC courses provide everything you need to succeed as a personal trainer and stay at the top of your game.

Going Beyond Traditional Training Methods

Personal Training Academy transforms fitness education with integrated, functional approaches to both health and human movement. This makes our Certificate III and Certificate IV fitness courses the ideal choices for students who want to expand their traditional training ideas with the latest research in hybrid, functional fitness.

Going Beyond Fulfilling Accreditation Requirements

With assistance from the world’s leading personal trainers and fitness instructors, Personal Training Academy offers continuing education credit PT courses. These won’t just help fulfil your accreditation requirements, but boost your client demand with advanced, proven techniques and wide-ranging education.

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