Our personal training courses give you the systems, sciences and tools to become an elite personal trainer – and stay at the top of your game.


  • PT Academy has designed the TRX CEC courses so well and have really lifted the standard for CEC's!  The courses are all taught in a fun, interactive and relevant way!  Everyone became really engaged!!!  Right from the word go, all I could think about was 'I can't wait till I get to come to the Rip trainer course'! I learnt so much and have a newfound love and appreciation for this tool! Keep it up! 

    Susan McPhillamy – Personal Trainer
  • Personal Training Academy is a great way to start your career in fitness. The information in the courses is up to date and based on the most recent research. The lectures are done by very knowledgeable and successful people in the fitness industry. I feel that by doing my courses with PT Academy I have enhanced my skills and knowledge much more so than I would have with any other course provider. PT Academy is STRONGLY recommended for anyone looking to start or enhance their career in fitness.


    Kathryn Dawes – Student
  • The PT Academy offered me a comprehensive and enjoyable way to achieve my fitness trainer qualifications. The option to go online was convenient and easy. The materials provided were detailed yet gave clear, concise definitions and explanations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

    Caroline Piretta – Student
  • Very well planned and organised and helpful course. Strongly recommend PT Academy to others.

    Rebecca Skaer – Student
  • Highly recommend the course. The teaching is at the forefront of the latest research. As a podiatrist, I've been able to incorporate aspects into private practice.

    Matt Grant – Student
  • Being very new to the industry we really didn't have a leg to stand on by the way of prior knowledge of training institutions. In the end we chose PTA for two main reasons: (a) we never had the hard sell put on us, and (b) PTA were very flexible with payments. The fact that the course ended up being such a wonderful experience for us was just a big bonus. The content was very thorough. The trainers were very understanding and patient. We got a very personal service and in our opinion there can't possibly be a better value for money training institution out there. We recommend PTA to everyone who is interested in hearing about it.

    Maria Verikios & Nick Zamias – Students
  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my certificate III today. Thank you very much for sending it again. I was so thrilled to receive it. I am so proud that I achieved that award, and want to thank you all at Personal Training Academy for all your support. Keep up the great work and fantastic courses you have available. I will be sure to spread the word around on how wonderful your company is.

    Tessie Piggott – CIII Part-Time Student
  • Completing my Cert 3 in fitness was made easy with PT Academy. Everything you need was supplied and in easy to understand format. The tutorials were excellent and cleared up anything that I may have found hard to understand just reading out of a book. Anytime I had a question there was somebody available to help me out. I would definitely recommend PTA to everyone.

    Kelly O’Brien – Student
  • PTA is a great way to obtain cert 3 and 4 efficiently, while still learning everything you need to know and more!

    Nicole Pearce – Student
  • The course is presented in a very professional manner and you really feel you are receiving the best sources of information, as lectures are presented by those specific to the field. Everything is very easy to follow and great people to communicate with. I am looking forward to further education with PT Academy.

    Kate Bowen – Student

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Offering the highest calibre of personal training courses to help you start your career in the fitness industry.

PT Academy has set the standard for flexible personal trainer courses in Melbourne and wider Australia by staying current with the latest research and techniques in fitness education. Designed by the world’s most trusted experts in fitness, our Certification and CEC courses provide everything you need to succeed as a personal trainer and stay at the top of your game.

Going Beyond Traditional Training Methods

Personal Training Academy transforms fitness education with integrated, functional approaches to both health and human movement. This makes our Certificate III and Certificate IV fitness courses the ideal choices for students who want to expand their traditional training ideas with the latest research in hybrid, functional fitness.

Going Beyond Fulfilling Accreditation Requirements

With assistance from the world’s leading personal trainers and fitness instructors, Personal Training Academy offers continuing education credit PT courses. These won’t just help fulfil your accreditation requirements, but boost your client demand with advanced, proven techniques and wide-ranging education.

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